Managing multiple properties is a time consuming task. At JCOS, we offer our clients the opportunity to streamline the process by providing expertise in numerous service areas and at multiple locations. This approach allows our clients reduce the time they spend monitoring & communicating with multiple service providers, have more options and avenues for emergency response & special requests, standardize accounts payable, inventory management and safety & security protocols, easily coordinate service projects and ensure consistent results.


Advances in technology constantly influence the way business are run. Understanding how to identify useful products and optimize their effectiveness is an area where JCOS excels. By remaining informed of the latest developments and committed to improving our company through technology, we are able to pass the added value along to our clients.  Some of the most recent changes include:

  • Cloud Based File Share – Allow clients to see schedules, punch-lists and pictures, so they can monitor operations from anywhere at any time
  • Table Computers – Basically carrying your desktop with you. Allows access to a constantly growing database of potentially useful apps
  • Equipment/Machinery – Recently purchased new machines that are innovative approaches to carpet cleaning and tile cleaning


Effective communication is an indispensable component of any successful business model, partnership or project. At JCOS we strive to communicate effectively and frequently with our clients to understand their needs, expectations and goals, so they can be accurately relayed to our crews. Further, we are committed to continually developing and improving our communication processes. Simple changes like taking advantage of the filtering features already available in email programs have allowed us to synchronize correspondence to our operations staff through a single email address. We are also finding that our cloud file sharing platform is a reliable and innovative way to exchange non-emergency information, as it allows for comments or questions to be directly linked to the appropriate picture or document.  Of course, for those situations that require a more immediate response, our managers can still be reached 24 hours a day via phone.

Be Prepared

The expertise and awareness of your service provider directly impacts quality and customer satisfaction. A well prepared partner can make you look very good. At JCOS, Inc. we attempt to consider every aspect of the services we provide and be prepared to execute maintenance schedules for hard surface floors, carpet, restroom tile impregnation, window cleaning and sidewalk/delivery dock power washing. Our schedules are tailored to the needs of our clients and completed upon their approval. Our feeling is that it is better to skip a scheduled service than to have to respond to a customer complaint.


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